Education is an indispensable part of any modern society. Education in new technology can unfold many "not-realized" dreams of students, education institutes and management. Some of them include Online, classrooms, quick learning and track student results and performances.

IntelliAura helps clients to develop the skills and knowledge on how to use the proposed technology solutions effectively. Company’s adoption is critical to a successful technology implementation and its on-going use—this is only possible with effective education and training.

IntelliAura’s extensive library of training courses, educational materials, and user resources provide customers an excellent platform to develop an effective training program. The array of resources enables customers to choose the best options to meet their needs and tailor programs to their individual user preferences.

Services Includes

  • Internship Program
  • Onsite and Remote Class room training
  • eLearning Resources
  • Conference participation
  • Community Activities
  • Technical & End User Reference materials



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