As Industry 5.0 gathers steam thanks to developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and robotics, things could quickly grind to a halt without the cloud to effectively free these technologies from the connectivity restraints of on-site servers.

The advantages of today’s cloud technology go beyond reliability, scalability and storage (and the associated cost savings) within Industry 5.0.

Cloud computing provides businesses with a solid foundation to develop a range of technologies, allowing you to innovate and leapfrog over the competition. Research from the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that 74% of businesses believe cloud computing has given them a competitive advantage. Further research reveals that 60% of technology decision-makers believe an integrated cloud approach will unlock the potential of disruptive technologies.

Cloud platforms are being developed to securely capture and analyse information from a range of devices to automate and optimise business processes. The effect on the supply chain cannot be overstated and the possibilities of cloud technology will exceed our imagination.



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